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Samantha Stilley 





   Using Compression and Direct Pressure to spread the fibres of the muscles allows blood supply to flow more efficiently, thus delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and aiding in the removal of metabolic waste.


  Massage Therapy is an extremely effective, non-invasive technique for the relief of muscle pain and tension. 

  Photonic Light Therapy is used to speed the body's natural healing process, stimulate acupoints, provide musle fascia release, and return cells to a healthy vibration. Light Therapy has a wide variety of uses, is non-invasive, and incredibly beneficial in the reduction of pain and healing of trauma's of many kinds.   





Animal Connections specializes in Equine and Canine Massage therapy and Photonic Light Therapy for the purpose of performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and maintenance. Regular bodywork leads to the continued health and well being of the animal. 

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