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Massage Therapy

Equine sessions will typically last one hour. Canine sessions will last roughly 45 minutes. Travel fees may apply for distances further than 30 miles from Charles Town, WV (zip code 25414).

Recommended Massage Prevention Programs 


Equine or Canine athletes in heavy work and/or competing regularly 

  • 2 to 3 massages the first week

  • Weekly massages for maintenance or as needed

Horses in moderate work and competing semi-regularly 

  • One massage a week for the first month

  • Every other week for maintenance or as needed 

Senior dogs and horses or those with chronic mobility issues  

  • Every other week or as needed 

Red Light Therapy 


  • Acupoint Session

  • Pain Relief Session 

  • Addition to Massage Therapy session to increase the effects

Blue Light Therapy 


  • Red/Blue combo session

  • Skin Condition Application

  • Wound Treatment 

  • Assisting Suture Healing after surgery 

Looking for something fun to do at your barn, club, or practice? Call to schedule an Educational Clinic on Massage, Photonic Light, or both! 


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